YK-812 Wireless Remote Control Window Door Gate Entry Magnetic Alarm Detector Burglar


Features :

It is a complete set of independent alarms, the door magnetic emission signal to the small host and alarm, the host comes with a speaker.
This product can be used as an alarm or as a doorbell.
The arming button on the remote control is used to arm and switch alarms and doorbell sounds: click on it to be DinDong (one ring), then press it again to alarm Alarm (two rings)
The alarm has a delay alarm function (the ALARM is only activated after about ten seconds of arming).
The alarm stops automatically after 30 seconds, and then re-enters the alarm arming state.
Specification :

Condition: Brand New
Color: Shown as Picture
Material: ABS
Power supply:
Host DC 4.5 V (3 AA 1.5 V Batteries, Excluded)
Wireless Door Magnetic 12 V/23 V Battery (Included)
Wireless Remote Control 12 V/23 V Battery (Included)
Sound Pressure: 105db
Induction Mode: Magnetic Control Separation Triggers Alarm
Delayed Arming Alarm: 10 Seconds
Alarm Duration: 30 Seconds
Ambient Temperature: -25 ° C -55 ° C 
Humidity: 5% -95% RH
Installation Method: Adhesive Tape or Screw Fixing
Remote Control Distance: ≤30m
Size: Approx. 98mm x 64mm x 20mm/3.9 x 2.5 x 0.8 in
Package includeds :

1 x Alarm host  (without Battery)
1 x Wireless Remote Control (Built-in one 12V23A Battery)
1 x Wireless Door Magnet  (Built-in one 12V23A Battery)
1 x pack of Mounting Screws
1 x Rubber Pad
Details pictures :

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