URUAV Deluxe Line LPB1305 13KG 0.055sec IP67 Waterproof Brushless Digital HV Metal Gear Metal Case Servo


URUAV Deluxe Line servos are crafted for performance. Boasting a full aluminum case, HV operation, dual bearings, IP67 Waterproof rating and titanium gears as standard. The LBP1305 uses a high-quality coreless motor for optimum speed and torque. Attention to detail has been send with every Deluxe line servo from the smooth and stylish full aluminum case to the high-quality included hardware.


★ Full Aluminum case (bottom, mid-section and upper)
★ Brushless Motor

★ IP67 Waterproof
 High Voltage Operation
 Dual Ball Bearings
 Titanium & Aluminum Alloy Gears
 High Speed 0.055s@7.4v/60˚

 Suits 1:10th scale cars, trucks and buggies
 Suits power & sail boat steering and throttle applications
Suits Helicopter and RC Aircraft applications.
 Ideal for robotics and Industrial applications


Torque: 10kg-cm@6v 13kg-cm@7.4v
Speed: 0.065s@6v 0.055s@7.4v/60˚
Operating Voltage: 6-8.4v
Bearing Type: Dual Bearing
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Gear Type: Titanium & Aluminium Alloy
Operating Temperature: -20C to 60˚C
Working Frequency: 1520µs/333hz
Dimension: 41x20x26.2mm
Weight: 52g

Package included:
1x servo

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