Ultra Power UP610 DC 200W 10A Pocket Smart Charger for 2-6S Lipo Battery


1.Small size and light weight, UP610 charger with rounded edge design easily store in bag or pocket.
2.Allowable DC input 9-32V, 2.4320×240 IPS LCD screen.
3.Optional accuracy, with the ability to adjust the charge termination voltage.
4.Built-in balancer, balance automatically. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
5.Display is visible in direct sunlight, at up to a 20″angle.
1.This UP610 smart charger is very special in its size and performance so that you can take it to anywhere conveniently. 
2.It can allow DC 9-32V input andsupport 1-6S Li-ion/Lipo/Life/LIHV battery1-16S Nicd/NIMH and 1-12s Pb battery, meeting different demands.
Brand:Ultra Power
Input voltage: DC 9-32V
Output voltage: DC 0-30V
Charge power: Max 200W
Discharge power: Max 8W
Charge current range: 0.1-10.0A
Discharge current range: 0. 1-3.0A
Balance current: 500MA/cell
Balance cell: 6S
Support battery: LI-ION/Lipo/Life/THV cell count: 1-6S Nicd/NIMH: 1-16s  Pb:1-12S
Screen type: 2.4320×240 IPS LCD
Operating temperature: 0-40°
Storage temperature: -20-60 °
Item Size:85x55x40mm
Item Weight:108g
Package Included:
1 * UP610 Smart Charger
1 * User manual

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