STARK-48 Hall Motor Fan 3 Coil High-speed Magnetic Levitation Motor Brushless Motor Model S-30


Main Features:

High-speed Hall sensor drive, high-speed stability, long service life, high RPM.
The fan on the rotor will also produce wind, which is equivalent to a mini fan’s wind, ,The more interfaces you insert, the greater the wind.
The improved structure is based on the single-strand hall, The closed loop magnetic suspension is used,Use AH477 hall drive, 3 coil independent work does not affect each other.
It was complete kit, already finish assembled, just take and play.
Good for education demonstration, also suitable for students to demonstrate and increase their interest in science.
General Information:
Overall Size : 160*140*180mm
Weight :1400G
Input voltage : 5V*3
Power: 5 ~ 10 W
Db : 55db             
When it operation in high speed, Do not touch the rotor, also Don’t let a magnet or iron get close to it .
Need to be placed on a horizontally stationary table, do not shake.
Be sure to protect the sensor.
If the magnet is looses, tighten the screws before turn it on.

Package Included:
1 X Brushless Hall Motor

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