Solar Electric Shock Mosquito LED Light Fly Bug Insect Zapper Killer Trap Lamp Intelligent Light-control Outdoor Lamp


Name:Solar Mosquito killing lamp
2 bright white LEDs,and 2 UV purple LEDs. 
Material: Stainless steel+ABS
Color: Black
Power: 4.5V 45mA
Battery capacity: 3.2V 600mA
Battery type: lithium battery
Insecticide mode: double optical frequency shock type
Control method: light control automatic induction
Applicable area: 20 square meters
Product size: 520mmx180mm
– Solar power supply,LED electric shock mosquito,intelligent light-control outdoor light
– Waterproof, lightning protection, rust prevention, leakage prevention
– Quickly kill mosquitoes, purple light trapping physics technology
– Make full use of solar energy technology, energy saving and environmental protection
– High quality replaceable lithium battery, durable
– Beautiful design, plug and play
– It can realize automatic switch, automatic charging during the day and automatic work at night.
If there is light, the solar panel light will automatically turn off, which can cover the solar panel.
Working principle: There is a solar panel at the top, absorbing solar energy, then stored in the battery and powered at night.
For the first time, it is recommended to turn off the switch and let the sun shine for 2 days. This will make the battery life better. When using it, 
turn the switch to ON. At this time, if the light is very dark, the light will be bright (white or purple), and the light will be turned off or off. 
Mosquitoes open to the position you need, LIGHT is white light, UV is purple light (to attract mosquitoes), high voltage net is energized, and mosquito 
killer lights enter mosquito killing state.
Please use a small brush to clean the residual mosquitoes stuck to the high-voltage power grid regularly. The mosquito-killing light switch must be turned off before cleaning.
Package included:
1 x Solar mosquito killing lamp

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