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Item Name: Vertical Type Stirling Engine
Item No.: M12-01
Model Size: 76X76X145mm(L*W*H)
Flywheel Diameter: 64mm
Piston Diameter:12mm
Piston Stroke: 20mm
Inner Diameter of the Heating Pipe: 20mm
Diameter of Belt Pulley: 25mm

-The engine model on the horizontal position by hand toggle the flywheel to see if smooth, if there is a strong sense of raw astringent, check the connection rod is normal, whether the cylinder oil and dust, and if so, please use toilet paper to erase Not smooth. Toggle the flywheel feel pressure rebound within the cylinder body is a normal phenomenon, the cylinder is sealed.
-The packing bag of alcohol lamp cotton wear into the metal cap lamp.
-Please go to the pharmacy to buy 95% purity alcohol, anhydrous industrial alcohol better. Fill the alcohol lamp to less than two-thirds.
-Alcohol lamp to the alcohol lamp, at the premise of ensuring safety, ignite the alcohol lamp about 20 seconds after the flywheel, until the flywheel automatic operation so far, the whole process of heating, hands may not touch.


1.Remove the base, add the appropriate amount of solid alcohol to the middle of the base, and (do not exceed 2/3 of the container) (please use solid alcohol, this machine forbids the use of liquid alcohol) be careful not to fully fill.
2.Minimize the alcohol capacity of a single raise, keep a single alcohol run out and stop the machine from running, try to avoid extinguishing the alcohol lamp midway through, if you need to extinguish the alcohol lamp midway through, please stop the flywheel operation first, make sure that the safety of the premise, wear insulation gloves, remove the machine, with metal objects cover the alcohol container to its extinguished.
(This kind of alcohol lamp should not blow out, or even blow the flame more and more prosperous)
3.Ensure safety under the condition that the alcohol in the alcohol container is ignited, heated for about a minute, and the flywheel is activated by hand to run the machine
4.Machine cylinders, pistons, bearings, connecting rods and other active locations are prohibited from oil injection!
5.This machine forbids adding water!
6.Heating the whole process, can not touch the high temperature parts of the machine, to prevent burns!
7.Pay attention to the safety of alcohol use, children please use under the supervision of adults.
8.Before the machine places the desktop to heat, place the insulation pad between the desktop and the machine to insulate the heat so that the machine does not overheat and damage the desktop.
9.When the machine is running at high speed, a vibration shift may occur. Please prevent the machine from falling from the desktop.
Package Included:
1 X Vertical Type Stirling Engine

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