SaiDi STEM Steam Engine Model 8.6Inches Steam Generator Heating Boiler Science Toy With Extra Gift


Brand: SaiDi
Item Name: Steam Generator
Item No.:GL-002
Total Size: 220X90X135mm
Boiler Diameter:78MM
Boiler Length:176MM  
Flywheel Diameter: 65mm
Boiler Diameter: 54mm
Boiler Length: 86mm
Water Capacity of the Boiler: 500ml

.Beautiful appearance and unique shape.
.The aluminum alloy solid bar is integrally processed, the bottom plate is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is black oxidized.
.The overall polishing is meticulous, the color is bright, it will not rust and fade, and has a high-end texture, achieving a dual combination of texture and beauty.
.The boiler has a diameter of 78mm and a length of 176mm, it can be used up to 500ML in a single time., with four alcohol lamps, it can continuously supply steam for more than 30 minutes to provide power for your model.
.Safety valves on the top ensure your safety.
.The upper end of the bracket is equipped with a steam interface (send a special tube with a diameter of 4MM high temperature and high pressure resistant steam, matched with the joint, and send the M5 joint).
.It is suitable as a gift for model lovers and children, with experimental early education.
. Due to the high temperature during operation, please do not pay attention to the heating position.
.Children need to be supervised by adults.
.Note: boilers are prohibited from dry burning

Note: Do Not Heating the boiler without water.

Package Included:
1 X Steam Generator
4 X Alcohol Lamps 

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