SaiDi STEM Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine Alloy Study Model Gift Collection Science Toy


Very fantastic craftsmanship, made with Metal Alloy
Being a Gift, or a Display on your desk or anywhere!
The hotter it gets, the faster it goes!
This low temperature stirling engine,
It run on warm / cold surface, and it requires a small difference in temperatures to run.

Item Name: Stirling Engine    
Material: Steel
Start Temerature Difference: 20 ℃
Size: 105x105x140mm
Heating Cylinder Inner Diameter: 94mm
Piston Stroke: 8mm
Piston Diameter: 16mm
Flywheel Diameter: 64mm
Weight: 530g


• Place the machine on a flat desktop, fill the boiling water in a water cup for 4/5 or more, the water cup should be flat-mouth cup with an outer diameter of less than 88 mm.
•In safety situation, ignite the alcohol and heat for about twenty seconds, and start up the flywheel by hand to operate the machine
• Please try best to put the machine in the center position above the cup mouth, so as to avoid the cup falling off because of lose balance.
• Do not fill oil in cylinders, pistons, bearings, connecting rods and other active positions of the machine! Except the bottom, this machine must away from water. Forbid to heat with bright fire and to use heat sources with 150 degrees or higher temperature!
• In the whole process of heating, do not touch the heating parts of the machine to avoid scald!
• Pay attention to the safety of using boiled water. Please use the child under the supervision of an adult. Be careful of the safety of boiled water, the children should use under the supervision of adults.
• This Low Temperature Stiring Engine could be a great gift for your friends or families.

• It is almost ready to run: after the installation, put it on a cup of hot water, then it will run itself.

Can use pencil to lubricate all the connections,other oils are not recommended !

Package Included:
1 x Low Temperature Engine 

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