S500 PCB Frame Kit w/ Landing Gear for FPV Gopro Gimbal F450 Upgrade RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor


S500 PCB Air Frame Kit w/ Landing Gear for FPV Quadcopter Gopro Gimbal F450 Upgrade

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The S500 is a professional and practical multi-rotor air frame kit for F450 upgrade quadcopter, which are mainly made of durable PCB board and hard plastic materials, and can well work with Gopro Hero 3 2 Axis brushless gimbal or 808 gimbal for FPV (the total weight of gimbal and camera less than 400g will be suitable). It comes with a large mounting board at the front and rear for mounting cameras or other accessories. No extra mounting brackets are needed. Colored arms for orientation to keep you flying in the right direction. Gearify
Wheelbase: 500mm 
Material: durable hard PCB board and plastic. 
Empty weight: 416g
PCB center plate with solder point. 
High strength plastic material, stable and reliable.
For F450 upgrade quadcopter. 
Learned arm design from DJI S800 EVO, and enhanced. 
Well work with Gopro Hero 3 2 Axis brushless gimbal for FPV. 
Frame only, no electronic parts. 
(Note: the frame arm colors according to inventory shipped)
Recommended configuration (package not included)
Without gimbal or FPV equipments:
2212 2216 motors, click here.
20A ESC, click here.
10-11 inch propellers, click here.
2200mah-5000mah 3s/4s battery, click here.
With gimbal or FPV equipments:
2218 3506 3508 motors, click here.
20A ESC, click here.
11-12 inch propellers, click here.
3s/4s battery, more than 4000mah.

Arms size

S500 Manual

Package included:
4 x Arms
1 x Top Board
1 x Bottom Board 
1 x PCB Parallel Board 
4 x High Landing Gears
2 x Special Pipes
2 x Pipe Supports
4 x Set Screws
4 x 2.5-p0.45*5 Screws 
8 x 2.5*8 Screws
16 x 3*7 Screws
24 x 2.5*6 Screws
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