Roswheel Bicycle Bike Frame Front Tube Bag For 4.2 Inch Cell Phone


Color: Red,Green,Blue
Material: 600D+PU+PVC
PVC transparent window’s size:11.5×7.5cm(LxW)
Dimensions: 16 * 7.5 * 8.5cm
Weight: 141g

Water resistant polyester
Clear PVC window pouch designed for 4.2 inch mobile phone
Bike package in acute Angle design, increase the slip at the bottom of the area, make sure the zipper operation is good
Increase the headphone jack and audio extension, at the same time solve the problem of headset wire too short, let the music more free, let your journey no longer drab
Double zipper ‘” U ” type design, convenient to take
PE cotton filling of the main bag body
Both sides have the reflective strip for safe riding in night
Suitable for all type bike

Package includes:
1 x Bike bag
1 x headphone jack

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