RC 5g 3W Night Strobe Flash Lights Built-in Battery w/ Magic Tie Directly for DJI Spark RC Drone


RC 5g 3W Night Strobe Flash Light Built-in Battery w/ Magic Tie Directly for DJI Spark RC Drone

Item Name: Night Strobe Flash Light
Weight: 5g
Size: 2.5×1.5×0.8cm 
Working Time: 120 min.
Lightness: 3W LED 130LM  
Illuminative Distance:  Beyond 750 meters
Application: for Multi-Rotor / Airplane / Quadcopter/ FPV Racing Drone

Notice: Do Not Recommend tear off the protcetive film.

1.  Installation: Fix it on drone via magic tie ( Recommend install it on the tail, can take it out at any time )
2. Charging: Light will flashing fastly while charging.Will be low while charging full.

1. At any time, if you short press the switch, it is entering into checking battery status.
  – Flash one time, you need to charge for it.
  – Flash tiwce, it is formal
  – Flash three times, the battery is full

2. At anytime, if you press switch on 3 Second, you will entering into  ” Open / Close White Light ” function.
   – One Flash mode , light on in 1S and light off in 1S  ( In default,  while you enter into this function)
   – Twice Flash mode, flash twice and off in 1S 

3. Double Click to change ” One Flash Mode” and ” Twice Flash Mode” 

Package Included:
1x Strobe Flash Light
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Magic Tie

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