Radiolink Mini OSD Module for Image Transmission Mini PIX / Pixhawk Flight Controller Board RC Drone FPV Racing


Radiolink Mini OSD Module for Mini PIX / Pixhawk Flight Controller Board RC Drone

Click Here to download the the parameter setup app .

It is a  osd video overlay module that combine OSD Signal and Camera Video Signal.
It is compatible with Mini Pix / Pixhawk flight controller, to get the  flight datas.
Besides, it has USB Port to connect computer and then can configurate via RadioLinker OSD_Tool app 

Item Name: Mini OSD Module for Mini PIX / Pixhawk Flight Controller

How to configure ?
1. Connect this Mini OSD Module to computer via Andriod USB Cable.
2. Open Configuration APP ” RadioLinker OSD_Tool”
3. Find ” OSD_Config” from file and then double click to enter into ” MinimOSD_2.4.1.5″
4. Comes into configuration Page ( Operation like Picture 6 showed on product page )
   If you also connect other modules, pls find the right CMO Port as following steps.
  ( A. Open ” my computer ” ; B. get” device manager ” 
   ; C. then choose COM Port from ” Serial Port”.
   D. Finally, choose same COM on configuration page.)
5. Setting parameter and Save.  ( Picture 7Showed )  
– A. Choose the data you want to get by left sheet. 
– B. Drag the mouse and then can move the data’s showing position to right side. 
– C. After setting parameter, click ” File” and ” Save OSD file ” . 
– D. If you need same setting, just find ” File” and ” Open OSD file”, then it can show.
6. Change Language. ( Like Last photo showed )

Package Inlcuded:
1x Mini OSD Module
1x bag of Cables

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