PTK 7452 MG-D 9g Digital Servo Metal Gear For EPP Airplane RC Aircraft Fixed Wing Helicopter


PTK 9G Digital Servo 7452 Metal Gear For EPP Airplane RC Drone Aircraft Fixed Wing Helicopter 
Digital servo upscale, highly accurate, fast and powerful.
Based on the excellent 7450 NG-D V2, we added metal gears and bearings.
Perfect for use reliable parkflyer, indoor, and 450 class helicopter.
Gears : Metal Alu
Gears Play : very low
Ball Bearings : YES 1
Weight : 12.55 grs
Dimensions : 23.6 x 26.9 x 11.7mm
Speed/Torque@ 4,8V : 0.105 sec/60° 1.9kg/cm
Speed/Torque@ 6V : 0.098 sec/60° 2.3kg/cm
Operating Voltage : 4.8V – 6V
Cordon / Lead : 240mm
Compatibility : Universal connector
Dead band : 2μs
Package Included
1 x PTK 9G Digital Servo 7452 Metal Gear For RC Drone Aircraft Helicopter EPP Airplane

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