PIRASTRO TONICA 4/4 Violin Strings A/E/D/G Musical Instrument


Those violin strings are exclusively made, through inter-nationally recognized winding and polishing techniques. These Strings offer exceptional tone and longevity and, thus, are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of musicians worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Please order this one for you and features you´d expect in a much more expensive instrument.


E: Stainless steel
A: Silver alloy
D/G: Silver
2.Weight: 35g
Usage: For 4/4 violin


Easy to use
New and high quality
Best substitute for your 4/4 violin
This violin strings will give the sweet timbre
For perfect tone, remarkable chord constructions
These strings give an increased brightness and volume to the instrument, at the same time reducing the noise produced

Package Includes:

1 x Violin E String
1 x Violin A String
1 x Violin D String
1 x Violin G String

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