Natural Bamboo Gourd Cucurbit Flute C Tone Chinese Minority Instrument


Natural Bamboo Gourd Cucurbit Flute C Tone Chinese Minorities Instrument


Brand Name:Bamboo Flute

Key Material: holes
Body Material: Bamboo
Surface Material: Bamboo


-The product is made of natural gourd and bamboo,with a imitation mouthpiece
-A laser carved craft C tone professional learning cucurbit flute.
-There are different sizes in the gourds,because the gourds grown naturally.So this product is sightly different with size.


1.Use it properly, don’t blow fiercely. Incorrect breath play would affect the tone of the this flute.
2.Use a clean towel to wipe when you finished play, take it gently,avoid collision because of the bamboo material.
3.Pay attention to the bamboo gourd junction, don’t dial off.

-Tips: the product is handmade and maybe there is some trace with this product, please order it when you kindly accept this!

Package Include:

1x cucurbit flute
1x case

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