Microcosm M8 Live Steam Engine Boiler Hand Feed Pump Parts


Brand: Microcosm
Item No.: M8
Item Name:Pump for steam engine
Usage:The feed water pump is used to supply the boiler with fresh water.
brass nut, with stainless steel piston and ball valves.Screw fitting is 1/4″ X 40 TPI.
Brass fittings with 3MM.
Overall dimensions are Length 54MM, width 14MM, high-95MM,
weight 120G, piston diameter 7MM, travel 8MM.

Is a small hand-operated, piston-type hydraulic pump used to replenish boiler water while boiler is in use and under pressure. Also used to hydrostatically test your boiler and other hydraulic applications.

Package Included:
1 X  feed water pump

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