HGLRC-Flipsky TFT Display Screen Module based on DAVEga and VESC


Item Brand:HGLRC-Flipsky
Item Name:TFT Screen Module
Material:ABS and electroic components
Product Size:72.7mm*89.1mm*56.3mm
Product Weight:About 110g

Compatible with ESC based on VESC
Communication port by UART mode
Default Display:
Current Mileage & Total Mileage
Battery Capacity Percentage, Battery voltage per cell
Related Product:3.3V 5V FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter Adapter Module For Arduino(product id:1511499,USB-UART adapter is necessary to use the TFT screen, if you don’t have it,please buy it

Function of the 3 Buttons
Quick press to check VESC’s parameters,Including total battery voltage, battery voltage per cell, battery capacity, mileage.
Press for 3 seconds to clear the value of battery capacity percentage. (To restore the original value, program re-flashing is required).
Press for 3 seconds to clear the current mileage and speed data. (To restore the original value, program re-flashing is required).

1.Source link for this project: https://github.com/janpom/davega/tree/v0.3
2.To compile this code, a library function “ILI9225.h” will need to be added: Click “Project”,”Loading Library”, “Managing Library”, search for “ILI9225”, and install it to compile.
3.The baud rate of the UART of the FSESC should be 115200
4.The default data displayed on the screen (speed, mileage, and parameters required for the average battery voltage of each cell  ) are pre-coded in the program, so it should be calculated according to the actual situation of the skateboard. After modifying data in the source code, flashing the modified program in it.
5.Specific operations 
Parameters required for speed: erpm, motor pole pairs, motor pulley teeth, wheel pulley teeth;Parameters required for mileage: tachometer, motor pole pairs, motor pulley teeth, wheel diameter;Modifying the parameters in the “davega_config.h” file according to your skateboard, otherwise the displayed speed and itinerary will not be accurate.

The default is 12S battery. This parameter will affect the display of the average voltage. It can be changed in the “davega_config.h” file if you’re not using 12s battery.
After quick pressing the button 3, the battery capacity (mAh) in the displayed data is calculated according to the number of VESCs used. For example, if two VESCs are used, then changing the VESC COUNT  in the “davega_config.h” file to 2 ; if one VESC is used, then changing the VESC COUNT  to 1.


Package included:
1X White TFT Screen Module

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