GRC Axle Door Gear Cover Brass Plate Wheel Counterweight Single Wheel 188g for TRX-4 1/10 Rc Car


This parts is extremely flexible bridgeside counterweight solution, Increase the weight under the shaft and lower the center of gravity of the whole car.
Item brand:GRC
Item name:Axle Door Gear Cover 
Weight:all is about 328g,with packaging
Fit for:
TRAXXAS TRX-4  Land Rover Guardian 1/10 Rc Car 

1.It is adapt to the original wheel hub and other wheels with an inner diameter of 40mm or more
2.The GRC TRX4 bridge side weight is made of brass. Due to the oxidizable nature of copper, there will be slight oxidation (dark or black brown spots) during product storage or deliver

Package included:
2X Main Brass
4X Semi-annular
1X Screws Set 

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