G.T.Power Aircraft Simulated Sounds Light System V2 For RC Airplane


G.T.Power Aircraft Simulated Sounds Light System V2 For RC Airplane 

Brand Name: G.T.Power
Item Name: Aircraft Simulated Sounds System
Version: 2.0
Input Voltage: 4.5 – 6.0V
Speaker Power Supply: 6 – 26V
Max. Power: 30W
Loudspeaker Size: 20cm cable, 2.0 JST-XH connector, 44x15mm

This system has the stronger sounds synthesis and high-efficiency amplifier.
Equip with the fantastic loudspeaker box which can bring to the perfect and simulated effect.
Bulit-in variety of sounds simulation,up to 19 groups.
The firmware can be updated via the computer software to increase the quantity of sound.

– Use glue to stick the loudspeaker (positive) in the inside of the aircraft,and make sure it won’t fall off.
– Please assemble it according to the manual strictly and keep it stable and safety.
– Alarm in low voltage: Open the low voltage alarm,when the voltage lower than setting the lowest voltage,then the first LED and the third LED will flash(blue and red LED flash).
– To avoid damaging the loudspeaker,please turn down the sounds to minimum when use it for first time or re-setting.
– To make the perfect simulated effect,please do not put the objects which have strong distribution around the loudspeaker.
– It should be calibrated the controller when use it in the first time or change to anther controller.

English Manual, Click Here

Package Included
1 x Simulated Sounds System Control Module
2x Plane Special Resonance Speaker
2x ESC Connect Cable
1x Micro USB Data Cable
1x Power Cable
2x 5mm White LED
2x 5mm Red LED
1x 5mm Green LED
1 x Accessory Bag
2x Double-Size Fixed Tape
1x Manual
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