FrSky Yaapu Telemetry Converter Cable Pixhawk to Horus X10S X12S Taranis X9DP QX7/X7S Smart Port Receiver X8R X4R XSR RS8R


length: 20cm
Item Name: FrSky Yaapu Telemetry Converter Cable Set

This cable can converter FrSky telemetry from your flight controller(Pixhawk1, 2, 3, 4) to the receiver (X8R/X4R/R-XSR/X6R/S8R/RX8R/X4RSB/XSR), and make you get all flight information on the display of the transmitter like Horus X10S X12S Taranis X9DP QX7/X7S. you can run Yaapu Frsky Telemetry Script or other scripts like FlightDeck and LuaPilott.

step1. Install script on your transmitter
step2. Set the protocol of the serial port to 10 ( passthrough FrSky telemetry) via mission planner
step3. Connect the Pixhawk and receive via this cable
step4. Discovery new sensor in your transmitter
step5. Running the Yaapu script in your transmitter

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1 X Telemetry converter Cable Set


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