FMS 70mm 6S V2 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF Unit With 2860 1850KV Brushless Inrunner Motor for RC Ariplane


FMS 70mm 6S 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF Unit With 2860 1850KV Brushless Inrunner Motor

Brand Name: FMS
Item Name: 70mm 12 blades Ducted Fan 
Motor: 2860 KV1850
Weight: 240g
Usage: Suitable for RC Airplane

1. The participation of BuAA reading master makes the RC models first try the professional aerodynamics and the air flow field analysis, the stron theoretical foundation greatly shortened the product development cycle.
2. FMS first thermal design, without affecting the efficiency of the case to ensure that the motor any play, do not worry about the motor heating lead to life, performance affected;
3. Reasonable structure designm pilot can arbitrarily choose diffferent manufacturers motors, this item can be assembled to all the 90 ducted airplanes, no need to make too much manual changes to the aircraft.

6S Comparion Test 

FMS Ducted 25.0V 64A Thrust: 2.25KG
Other Duted 16.5V 63A Thrust: 1.89KG

Recommended Configuration:
Battery: 6S 2600-4000mAh 35C Lipo Battery
ESC: 70A Brushless ESC

Note: Some ducted inner tube wall may have test scratches,it will not affect the overall performance,and the ducted mounted inside the aircraft, it had no effect on the appearance. We don’t accept the returns or negative review due to the scratches.

Package Included:
1X FMS 70mm 6S 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF Unit 2860-KV1850 Motor

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