Flanger FA-80S PU Leather Guitar Cushion for Playing Guitar



Brand Name:Flanger
Model Number: FA-80
Type:  Guitar Cushion PU Leather


The material is breathable.No damage to the piano paint.
High density, strong elastic sponge can absorb the weight of guitar, reduce the pressure on the thigh, prevent stiffness and discomfort and physical strain.
Suitable for the classical guitar, so that the players more comfortable playing, no need guitar feet any longer.
The original waterproof nylon bag with buckle for hanging on the guitar bag.
Package include
1x Guitar cushion pad
Long-term use of footstool to back cushion need to adjust the center of gravity holding the guitar, may need to adapt to a period of time.
Accustomed to holding a higher position of the piano friends can cooperate with the use of foot stool cushion.

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