DumboRC 10A Brushed ESC Two Way Speed Controller with Brake for RC Vehicle Models Car Boat Tank Airplane


Item Brand:DumboRC 
Item Name:10A brushed esc
Material:Plastic and metal components
Color:As  the picture shown
Product Size:165*18*8.5mm
Product Weight:About 10g
Fit For:RC Vehicle Models Car Boat Tank Airplane,for 130/180 motor,1/24,1/28 car 


CH2: electrically modulated signal line (6V output, supports high voltage)
CH3: enable / disable control signal
LED: connected to headlights (5V output)
M1: Coupling motor
BUZ: beep (low voltage signal)
Power: Connect the battery


Two way control(forward,reverse)
LED Lamp control
Low voltage alarm
Brake turn on/off

Two types of connection:
Car controller:
CH2: 2 channels
CH3: 3 channels
LED: Headlights
M1: engine
Buz: Low Voltage Alarm
Aircraft control panel
CH2: 3 channels
CH3: Connecting a two-stage switch
LED: light lamp
M1: engine
Buz: Low Voltage Alarm
Lamp control:
The output voltage of the channel connected to the LED is 5 V, which can be used as a high-level drive relay of the module. Can be connected to LED light, can also be used as an external switch with a high degree of reproduction.
Low voltage signal:
Automatic identification battery 2 S / 3 S, the default alarm voltage of 2 S batteries is 7.2 v, and the default alarm voltage of 3 S batteries is 10.7 v

Package included:
1X 10A ESC

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