DasMikro bluetooth ICS Adapter For Kyosho Mini-Z


bluetooth ICS Adapter For Kyosho Mini-Z


Wireless program for Mini-Z ASF MR-02 MR-03 MR-03VE, (NOT work for MR-03 Sport), compatible to Android phone 2.2 or higher, and PC with bluetooth connect.

Size: 37mm*15mm*5mm
Weight: 10g
Input Voltage: 3.6V-6V

How to use:
1. Plug in 4 pin connector to your board
2. Press and Hold paring button, then turn on the power
3. Pair the bluetooth Adapter to your Andriod phone or PC
4. bluetooth ID is MINI-Z, password 1234
5. For Android phone, after pairing open your ICS apps, and click PN-ICS bluetooth device, the light will change to solid GREEN, then you can start to program your Mini-Z.
6. For PC computer, after paring then go Control Panel check your bluetooth Adapter com port number, then connect the correct Comm Port number, then you can start to program your Mini-Z

Software download link:
Brushed version

VE version

Package Included:
1 x bluetooth ICS Adapter for Kyosho Mini-Z

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