CYNOVA 13-22cm Four-section Expandable Mini Tripod For DJI OSMO ACTION FPV Camera


The mini stand is designed for Osmo Action and is an excellent solution to the blur problem caused by camera shake during photography. Stabilizes the camera and improves shot stability. Four-section telescopic, unfolding up to 22 cm, and is only 13 cm after storage, weighs only 127 grams, small and portable.

Brand Name: CYNOVA
Item Name: Mini Tripod
Color: Black
Compatibility: Suitable for DJI OSMO ACTION Camera.

Dimension And Weight:

Mini tripod:
Diameter × height: 27.1 × 136.2 mm
Weight: 108.98 grams
Universal Adapter Base:
Diameter × height: 27.1 × 24.13 mm
Weight: 7.97 grams
Transfer Base Nut:
Diameter × height: 19.37 × 55 mm
Weight: 10 grams

– Three-legged support, four-section telescopic
– Portable travel, easy to carry.

For use on the ground, be sure to open all three legs of the tripod in an equilateral triangle.

Package Included:
1x CYNOVA Mini Tripod 

1x CYNOVA Universal Adapter Base
1x CYNOVA Adapter Base Nut 


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