CP-3005 Digital LCD Handheld Length Distance Measure Handhold Laser Ultrasonic Meter


This distance finder adopted laser technology with accuracy induction, accurately and efficiently measures the distance.
It can measure distances in a straight-line from 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet or 0.45m to 18.288m Area. 
The product size is very small, weighs only 85g, can be put into the pocket, easy to carry.
Multi-function: Area and volume calculation function, continuous measurement function, addition and subtraction.
The instrument can be widely used in building and industry, especially in the building process of room, apartment, factories and other large area.
It’s outer casing is made of double injection molding non-slip soft rubber for comfortable feel.
The initial default unit is metric. Press the “Ft/m” button to switch the metric system.
Press the “READ” button to start the rangefinder. If no button is pressed within 30 seconds, the rangefinder will automatically shut down.
Item Type: Range Finder
Measuring range: 0.45m – 18.288m
Unit of measurement: m, ft
Laser type: 650nm, <1mW
Battery type: 1 x 12V Battery(not included)
Accuracy: 0.5 %
Operating frequency: 40kHz
Operating temperature: 32 °F to 109.4 °F
Measuring range: 2 to 60 feet (0.55 to 18.288 meters)
Weight: Approx. 85g
Package includes:
1 * Range Finder 
1 * English User Manual
Details pictures:

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