Breathable PM2.5 Dustproof Face Mask With Valves Anit-fog Bicycle Respirator Outdoor Sports 5 Layer Protective Mask


88 in stock


88 in stock

 1. High quality spandex, high density and high breathability and anti-dust.

2. Unisex anti-haze mask applicable for industrial protection purpose; protect your lung by filtering particles including PM2.5, hazes, car exhaust, etc.

3. 4 layer filter design including microfiltration cloth and activated carbon fiber, and double breathing clique design, increase exhaust.

4. Washable mask with replaceable filter pads and adjustable, elastic drawstring, easy to use.

5. Ergonomically designed mask snugly fits face silhouette and nose bridge for maximum protection. 

Package included:
 1 x Face Mask

1. The mask is recommended to be used for more than one to two years, and the filter is recommended to be replaced once every 30 days. Frequent use or severe haze area, depending on the situation (please replace the filter in time if it is black or damaged).

2. The mask material is made of diving cloth, a little smell is normal, you can take out the filter first, soak it in warm water for 15 minutes, use it after ventilation and drying, the principle of filter active carbon can not be washed.

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