B3076 3.75 Inch Car 12V 0-8*1000RPM Black Surface And Shell Modified Tachometer



1. New upgrade machine core, the pressure measurement is more accurate and faster
2. Easy installation, simple wiring and non-destructive installation
3. Beautiful appearance, circular polishing outer ring, colorful LED LCD display, more cool and cool
4.12V general type tachometer, applicable to most models
5. The dial digital display light display is clear, the value is accurate, and the speed range can reach 0-8*1000RPM
6. Built-in installation for mounting a fixed 45 degree rotary mounting base
7. The red light exceeds the preset alarm value, and the speed alarm light indicates that the speed alarm value can be set manually


Product Name     3.75Inch Black Surface And Shell Tachometer    
Model B3076
Product Function Measuring Engine Speed
Material Plastic Shell
Product Voltage 12V
Measuring Range      0-8*1000RPM
Package Included:
1 X Car Tachometer

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