Anti Static Bracelet Electrostatic ESD Discharge Band WrisT-strap


Cordless Anti Static Bracelet Electrostatic ESD Discharge Cable Band Wrist Strap

When you repair computers and other sensitive electronic components, with this item ,it will ensure that no sensitive components are damaged. This compact wrist strap eliminates static without the need for a pesky grounding cord.

1. Protect sensitive electronic components from ESD (electrostatic discharge)
2. Current limiting resistor IMOhm .5%
3. Electro-scattering time 0.1sec
4. Rinsing resisting
5. Inner conducting layer is made of stainless shell filaments
6. Easily adjustable, includes extra strap
7. Anti-static Device Size: 4 x 2.5 x 1.2cm
8. Strap Size: 15cm (6″)

Please Note: For best results wear the anti-static band for at least 15 minutes before beginning work on any sensitive equipment. Make sure that the inner stainless steel back is touching the bare skin on your arm.

Package Included:
1 x Anti Static Bracelet

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