Amazing Heat Steam Candle Powered Speedboat Scientific Experimental Toys For Kids Children



Item  Heat Steam Candle Powered Speedboat
Material Multi-material,plastic
Size 15*15*9cm
Weight 35g
Production Method DIY

It is really a useful toys for your kids to learn , first, it can Stimulate the child’s interest in learning,through playing this toys, they will  understand the working principle of steam boats; second ,This toys will enhance their practical ability,DIY Steam boat,Exercise ability; Third,they can Learn scientific knowledge,when playing it,they can Learn to observe the process of energy conversion and Experience the fun of the scientific experiment;

Environmental safety,use the safe non-toxic international plastic
Funny and parenting science and education,bring the toy home,  expressthe principle of life with toys
Learn the principles of science,explore learning when playing 

Packaging Included:
1X Glass bottles
1x Wire frame 
1x Cap bayonet
1x Base
1x Candle

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