5PCS DC Boost Converter 2A Power Supply Module 2V-24V To 5V-28V Adjustable Regulator Board


Item Name: DC Boost Converter
Max Output Current: 2A (Recommended for use in 1A)
Input Voltage: 2-24V
Max Output Voltage: 28V (Recommended for use in 26V)
Efficiency: > 93%
Dimension: 30x17mmx14mm

Smallest volume Adjustable DC boost converter in the market,can be easily installed in small devices.
Use MicroUSB input,with the USB charger or mobile power through the phone data cable can easily get 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V common voltage.
Very convenient to use.
Ultra wide input and output voltage, high conversion efficiency.

The output voltage should be greater than the input voltage.
Peak output current should not exceed 2A.

Package Included:
5x DC Boost Converter

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