5Pcs 57*57*6mm Metal 57 Stepper Motor Vibration Damper Shock Absorber for 3D Printer Part



– Effectively eliminates stepper motor vibration and improves print quality.
– When used on X and Y axis steppers, the 3D printer reduces noise by 5-10dB and has a shock absorber 17.
– Suitable for Descartes and Delta-type additive manufacturing machines such as CR-10.
– Applicable to 23/57 type stepping motor, eliminating vibration.


– Size: Approx. 57*57*6mm/2.2*2.2*0.2in

– Diagonal Threaded Hole: 67mm/ 2.6in
– Diagonal Hollow Hole: 67mm/ 2.6in
– Inner Hole Diameter: 3 mm/ 1.5in
– Suit for 3D printer
– Quantity: 5Pcs

Package Included:

5 x 57 Stepper Motor Dampers Shock Absorber

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