4 PCS IFlight 5V PDB LED Strip 10Bit WS2812B RGB3535 Light Colorful Setting for Flight Controller RC Drone FPV Racing


4 PCS IFlight 5V WS2812B RGB3535 LED Strip 10 Lamps Light Colorful Setting for Flight Controller RC Drone 

It is a PDB Board integrated with LED Strip. The bottom level is PDB Board and upper is LED Strip.
They work independently. 

Brand Name: IFlight
Model: PDB LED Strip
Item Name: 5V WS2812B RGB3535 PDB LED Strip for RC Drone
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: Less than 1A
Size: 45x8x4mm
Weight: 2.2g
Color Setting: via flight controller
( Notice: NOT Light if don’t connect signal cable)

–  10Bit RGB3535 LED Lamp  
–  Bottom Level PDB Board can support con. current 40A (Max.)
–  The bottom Level PDB and upper level LED Strip work independently.

Packag Included:
4x Iflight PDB LED Strip
4x Cable
4x Heat Shrink Tube

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