32mm Turbo Roller Brush Head Portable Deep Cleaning Mites Removal Tool Parts for Vacuum Cleaner


1. The structure of the product is unique and simple and convenient to clean.
2. With automatic compensation function into the wind, the roller brush can not stop turning
3. High efficiency vacuum cleaner, cleaning ability and low noise.
4. This section of the brush head interface diameter 32mm, suitable for any type of brush head interface diameter vacuum cleaner 32mm!
5. The high-speed operation vibration (8000~10000 rpm) is driven by the suction of the vacuum cleaner, and the stubborn dust, the carpet deep locust, and the pillow The sofa has a very good cleaning effect.
6. When the brush head is working, the roller brush will rotate at a high speed to slap the carpet, bedding, sofa, etc., and raise the internal dust and mites, and at the same time, it will be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, which can play a role of deep dust removal and professional sucking.

The up cover: transparent PC
The lower cover material: ABS
Brush material: PP
Interface ID: 32mm
Working Length: 115mm
Width: 60mm
Instructions: installed in vacuum cleaner to use
Work use: mainly used to clean carpets, bedding, sofas, curtains, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Turbo Head (excluding vacuum cleaner)

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