30Pcs Unlocking Lock Picks Set Key Extractor Transparent Practice Padlock Tool


– Hard Titanium & PU storage Bag.
– Wear-resistant Bag.
– Lightweight & Portable.
– Suitable for hook & scissors style.
– 100% brand new and high quality.
– This is the improved new design pick set,more springy,durable and easy to use.
– It will come out in perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins.
– It features a transparent cutaway you can see all the movements the pins make and what exactly triggered this movement.
– Perfect for the locksmith in the making, Locksport enthusiasts or just mechanically curious people.
Lock Pick Set:
– A good selection of lock picks, rakes, hook picks and a dimple rake.
– Comes in a handy zippered leather case, convenient for your collection and carry.
Transparent Lock:
– Lock with open chambers on all the moving parts that allow you to see how it work.
– Can see clearly that how the pians work when a key is inserted.
– In perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins will come out.
– You actually can see the pins moving up and down as the key slides into and out of the lock.
Package includes:
– 30pcs set :
– 1 x Lock
– 2 x Keys
– 24 x Hook Pick Tools
– 1 x Lock Case
– 1 x PU Storage Bag
– 1 x Credit Card Hardware Set

Detail Pictures:

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