3.7V 1S 12A Brushed ESC With BEC 5V 600mA Boost For 720 / 820 / N20 / N30 Coreless Motor RC Airplane


Item Name: Brushed ESC
Working Voltage: 3-6V
Current: 12A
Dimension: 32×12.5mm
Weight: 9g

– BEC with 5V 600mA boost
– 12A high current, suitable for 720 / 820 / N20 / N30 / 130 Coreless Motor
– Support two motors (such as the 8520) connected in parallel on the ESC.
– Remote control signal pwm (1000-2300us) run automatically adapts.
– Low throttle (less than 1150us) unlocks to prevent high throttle motor immediately movement .
– Support failsafe.

Receive / Servo Power Supply Instructions:
When 1S high current discharge, the voltage drop is very large, the lithium battery voltage may drop below 3V, at this time most receivers will be powered off (the actual lithium battery capacity may still be more than 50%, can be restored to 3.8V above when not discharged). Therefore, this ESC BEC adopts a boost design. In actual test, when two 4.3g servos (current about 500ma) are used, the lithium battery discharge voltage is reduced to 3V (or even 2.8V),it still can work properly.
But if you use two 9g servos, then the current is over 1A, BEC can’t stabilize at 5V, but it still has a boosting effect. According to the test, if the lithium voltage (the voltage when using large current) can be above 3.2V. At this time, the BEC voltage is more than 4V, which is not very stable, but the servo/receiver can still work, otherwise it will not work. Since it is a small aircraft ESC, we suggest to use 4.3g/3.7g servo.

Package Included:
1x ESC

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