2Pcs ZNTER 1.5V 6000mAh USB Rechargeable D Size Battery Lithium Polymer Battery


Replace dry battery perfectly.Energy-saving and durable.
With constant voltage 1.5V and USB wires for convenient charge.
Equipped with Micro USB charge port,which is convenient and efficient.
Charge it anytime anywhere, no need to afraid that whether the battery run out.
Intelligent power chip inside to make sure the charge up to 99% with constant voltage.
Material: Fireproofing ABS shell 
Cell type: A+ Lithium Polymer battery cell 
Input: Micro USB(5V) 
Output: 1.5V 
Current: 2A 
Charge voltage: 4.25V 
Battery capacity: 6000mAh 
Energy capacity: 6.0Wh 
Charge time: 3 hours 
Compatibility: D battery/LR20 
Color: Black & green 
Size: 32.5*60mm
Type: 2pcs
Package Included:
2x ZNTER 1.5V 6000mAh Battery

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