17PCS LED Front Rear lights + IC Lamp Group Headlight Kit For TRAXXAS Trx4 RC Car Parts



Item LED Front Rear lights + IC Lamp Group Headlight Kit
Material PU / polyurethane
Color As the picture
Weight 59g


Quick start, no warm-up time.
High concentration and high uniformity.
Lights flashing function,make your car more cool.

Installation step:
If you want the picture of instruction,please click here

1.First disassemble the car shell of the TRX4,and then take apart the black mudguard,take out the front lampshade in the body shell,as the picture in N0.1
2.From the picture No.2,you can see that our car light is according to the shape of the original shade to design,we can install with no damage,then put our car light inside the front lampshade,lock with the screws
3.After removing the lampshade,put the car light into the Rear cover,Lock on with the screw
4.The packaging has one Lamp group control board and has detailed icon,control the fog lights,turn lights, reversing lights, headlights, lights respectively,apart form the fog lights is bright constantly,the others are all controlled synchronously
5.The LED light set has installed,then put on the cover of the car shell
6.Wheel searchlight installation:first disassemble the front and rear mudguards in the car shell,remove the placeholder in the mudguard,install the searchlight separately,lock in with screws 

Package included:

4 x Front and rear lamp assemblies (The car is not included)
1 x IC lamp group
2 x 3P dragon and phoenix lines
2 x Extension lines of steering engine
8 x Ties




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