100Pcs/Lot 20cm Plastic Double Size Head Weighing And Dispensing Small Lab Spoon


The spoon is a tool for taking solid reagents in powder or small particles.
Type: Plastic double-headed spoon (large spoon and small spoon)
Color: Yellow, green, red (random delivery)
Material: Plastic
– Lightweight, convenient, durable and impact resistant;
– Double-headed spoon, one for the micro-spoon and the other for the large spoon, to meet your different needs and more convenient to use;
– The spoon is suitable for a wide range of uses. Used in experiments and in daily life.
Use Precautions:
1. Do not use hot water with this lab spoon, and do not touch acid or alkali solution;
2. After taking the element, wipe the lab spoon with paper in time;
3. For the use of powdered element, use this lab spoon (or paper trough) when taking it.
Operation essentials: “One slant, two send, three erect.”
The specific operation is: first tilt the test tube, carefully feed the lab spoon (or paper trough) into the bottom of the test tube, and then make the test tube stand upright.
Package Included:
100 Pcs x Chemical Experiment Spoon

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