1-2S 7A Brushless ESC High Speed For RC Airplane 1400-4500KV/1104-4500KV/1811-3800KV Motor


      When you are using a high-KV motor, you may experience problems such as the motor starting to tremble, cannot start-up, or suddenly stops when 80% throttle, and the temperature is high. The reason is that your ESC is not a high-speed ESC. This ESC can solve the above problems very well. When connecting a high speed motor, the motor runs well and the temperature is moderate.

Item Name: 7A Brushless ESC
Minimum Working Voltage: 3V
Maximum Working Voltage: 8.4V
Continuous Current: 7A
Peak Current: 10A
BEC: No,requires external BEC
ESC Board Size: 17x11x5mm
ESC Board Weight: 1.2g(excluding wire and heat shrink tubing)
Total Weight: 4.4g
Application: Compatible for RC Airplane brushless motor 1400-4500KV,1104-4500KV,1811-3800KV.

Package Included:
1x 7A ESC

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