1/28 Mini-q Metal RC Car Frame Upgrade Parts With Differential Tire


Frame configuration: metal chassis + full ball bearing + full metal parts + metal tires
Empty frame (without electronics): body + four metal wheels

Model introduction
Now does not support 90 wheelbase, the rear will use the most robust structure of carbon fiber chassis and metal parts, plus support 90mm wheelbase
Full vehicle bearing: steering cup x8 central axis x2 differential x4
Front and rear metal bead differential, plastic tooth difference, four-wheel independent spring shock absorption, metal wheel hub, silicone soft tire skin, four steel CVD universal joint
The battery is distributed left and right, and the motor steering gear is arranged in the middle.
130 brushed motor or brushless motor with direct interchangeable carbon brush, independent 8g servo, independent ESC, independent receiver
Frame size
Length 130MM (including the length of the collision plate) * Width 70MM * Height 22mm
Now equipped with a wheelbase of 98mm, there are hands-on ability to modify the model friends can try to modify

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